Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Free Countdown Timer 3.1 has been released

  • Improved DPI Scaling support.
  • Improved volume control behavior.
  • Fixed issue with failure message "Floating point division by zero".


  1. Super good piece of software...though Im missing sorting on Count Down time + Label are some of them!

  2. Don't be passing by. This small program has enormous hidden value.
    Be wise enough to unleash it.
    What's more valuable than time?
    You can now give it a visible structure and control your life like never before.

  3. great and strong free count down timer. thank you to the creator. i personally love the function count-up from date. This count-up is useful after reading the book "20,000 Days and Counting". Thank you creator of this software. Would hope creator could consider coming version 3.2, may include: Show countdown timer in floating windows with format... DD:HH:MM:SS or YY:MM:DD:HH ...

  4. any plans to add ability to pause a timer?

  5. Please add option for floating window:show interval before main alarm.For example 10min before alarm.Before this interval is window hidden.
    Please add option to play sound interval before main alarm,eg beep 2min before main alarm.
    Please add option to custom interval on repeated alarm.
    Many thanks for this great software.

  6. any plans to add ability to pause a timer?

  7. Is there a way to set options from a shortcut or batch command?