Monday, October 28, 2013

Free Countdown Timer 3.0 has been released

Changes in version 3.0:

  • New: The Full Screen button has been added for floating windows.
  • New: "Play Sound Duration" option. You can define for how long to play the sound.
  • New: The "Stay on Top" option has been added for the main window.
  • New: "Cancel Snooze" command.
  • New: Support for the flac audio files has been added. Support for the wav files has been improved.
  • New sound SchoolBell.mp3 has been added.
  • Fixed: Sometimes alarms not fires when the computer wakes up from a sleep mode.
  • Fixed: Issue with sorting of timers.
  • Fixed: When a timer reaches zero, the floating window starts flashing. It can't stop flashing when you set the "(None)" sound.
  • Fixed: Alarm kept going off even when you hit Snooze and deleted the timer.
  • Some other bug fixes and improvements.


  1. Hello, this is really a great timer but I have a feature suggestion. I am currently using cloud storage to save the timer between places, but the timer doesn't adjust with the time zone. It would be great if the timer can record the time-zone information and adjust according to it. Thanks for the great work.

  2. Important to say that this is a great tool already. I use it as the timer for a soccer tournament. The ultimate feature for me would be the option to stop and start any timer (e.g. for injury breaks).
    Currently I have to start a new timer, but set the duration first. This is quite challenging...
    But thanks anyway for the great job done.