Thursday, November 17, 2011

Free Countdown Timer 2.5 has been released

Changes in version 2.5:

  • New: Ability to play a random song from a directory.
  • New: Ability to execute a command or open URL instead of playing a song.
  • New: Ability to play WAV and WMA files.
  • New: A tooltip on the taskbar as an alarm notification.
  • New: Added translations of the UI into Simplified Chinese, Romanian, Czech and Arabic languages.
  • Improved: Whenever the system time changes, the program refreshes all countdown timers.
  • Fixed: Issue with activating an already running program instance.
  • Fixed: Issue with an incorrect time in the floating window.
  • Fixed: Issue with playing sound.
  • Fixed: Issue with daylight saving time.
  • Fixed: Several floating windows begin to stick together and moving one distorts the positions of the others, even when not directly alongside them.


  1. This is a really great timer, is there any way that we could get a pause button instead of a stop & start that completely restarts the timer? I'm using the timers to keep track of how much time I spend on projects each day. If I get a call, it would be great to be able to pause the timer which is currently tracking the project I'm on and start a incoming call timer, then when the call is over, pause that timer and unpause the project timer.

  2. Yes, is a really great timer. I suggest to add time out for massage screen if there is no loop or snooze for sound. I don’t like to see massage "sleeping time" in the morning because I slept too early be before closing the massage.

  3. Still a very good Timer ! A new idea : for exemple i've got a projet in 6 days, so i'd like the floating window to appear only 1 day before the event in order to remind me the incoming of the projet, but not disturbing me during 5 days for nothing.

  4. Wonderfull Timer!
    This timer lives in my tray.
    Suggestion: in order to open timer window from tray you need to click on icon. I wish that the second click on the tray icon would hide the timer window.

  5. This is a really usefull timer.
    It would be desirable to have function of repetition of the period in minutes, not only fixed. For example, 3 hours (180 minutes).

  6. How can I add a list of alerts, in this successful timer, from Outlook Calendar or iPhone calendar?