Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Free Countdown Timer 2.3 has been released

Changes in version 2.3:

  • A new setting "Show countdown timer in floating window" has been added.
  • Sound volume goes back to the default state after alarm activation.
  • Volume control behavior has been improved for systems with several sound cards (playback devices).
  • Snooze alarm with a single spacebar press.
  • Added new interface languages: Swedish, Slovenian, Korean, Finnish, Hungarian, Chinese Traditional.

Download Free Countdown Timer 2.3


  1. Awesome program...
    It would be great to be able to change/update settings on timers, without having to restart the timer...
    eg...count down 2 hours...after 1 hour...change label, or floating window, or turn on/off the alarm...

    as far as additional features go...how about:
    a popup to display the lowest timer...and
    the ability to 'chain' timers...eg, when one stops another one starts...

  2. I spent several miserable hours yesterday, just looking for a simple countdown timer. When I finally found yours, it made me so happy I laughed out loud. It's wonderful to find a simple, portable program that does this one thing, and does it well.

    A few suggestions for minor additions I'd like to see:

    1. When I start a timer, I always have to edit it again to bring up the floating window. Could we have a setting that automatically opens the floating window when the timer starts?

    2. It would be nice if we could specify an exact Repeat interval (i.e., "Repeat every 33 minutes", "Repeat every 2 days", etc.).

    3. I'd like to be able to specify the amount of snooze time separately for each timer.

    4. It would be nice to have a timer that can automatically pop up a floating window and count UP (Stopwatch mode), displaying the amount of time that has passed since the beginning of the current Repeat interval. Currently, you can do this if you specify "Repeat Once", but only the main window counts up -- the floating window just displays the current time and date.

    BTW -- the Help says "The countdown timer can continue counting as a stopwatch (increasing)" but I haven't been able to figure out how to make it do this. The floating window turns red and blinks, but it doesn't count up.

    5. Less important, but useful: "On zero, run an external program". This would allow timers to do a lot of interesting things without bloating the program. If the program had an option to enable a timer from the command line, this would even give Michael his ability to chain timers!

  3. I agree with Mathom:

    it's remarkable that few dedicated "egg timer" type programs are out there/ easily discoverable with google. Numerous free alarm clock programs exist- but apparently many fewer countdown timers. Free Countdown Timer can function as either, but especially excels as a multi-instance countdown timer.

    Cool Timer is the only other competent freeware egg timer usually discussed- but it's older and less flexible than FCT.

  4. Thank you very much for the program. The program is written simply and beautifully, but I want to change a little.
    1) In this paper: a square with a check mark to replace the square that changes color depending on the switches on the note or otklichena. Example: Green - switches on, with no color - off. Skip to note how the melody is set, the date and time is a distraction.
    Timer days and hours (which is in bold) and the box with a tick - make a single line at the bottom of the note.
    2) In the popup window to remove the timer instead add three additional effluents for the message.
    If you decide that it is not necessary, but can do it for me, I'm willing to pay you for your work $50
    Igor Kiselev. Russia.